Prayer for the 3rd Latin American Youth Congress (English)

Lord God, Father of goodness, Mother of tenderness,Whom let us know freeing through your Son Jesus Christ, Way, Truth and Life,send us your Holy Spirit to strengthen us and encourage us to take on the preferred option for the poor and the youth of our Latin American Church.Flourish in our young heart the true desire to follow and imitate Jesus Christ, from a personal encounter with Him, to be the protagonists of the evangelization of so many young people. Help us and enlighten us to be sentinels of tomorrow, committed to the conversion of our continent, at the light of your plan, for our peoples to have life to the full. For the intercession of our Lady of Guadalupe, whom in these lands of Latin America, receives our youth in the folds of her cloak, Give us, oh God, the grace to build a life project, of missionary discipleship, for everyone to know the young face of Christ and to enjoy the so dreamt Love Civilization. Amen.